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Reykjavik, November 1st, 2005

To whom it may concern

Recently, Transparency International (TI) published a survey (see enclosed 1) ranking countries around the world in order of their level of corruption, both in politics and business. According to the latest results, Iceland is the least corrupt country in the world, but many Icelanders have expressed their disbelief in the results of the survey.

I am an MP for the Liberal Party in Iceland, and I wrote an article on my website expressing my disbelief in the survey, listing some examples of corruption in Iceland. Then several people wrote to me, giving comments regarding the survey, saying that they could not believe the results and giving examples on why Iceland cannot possibly be the least corrupt country in the world. I have made the following list of examples of corruption, built on their comments:

1) The reluctance of the political parties to reveal their sources of financing, with the ruling Independence Party still adamantly against opening their books.

2) The sale of the state banks Bnaarbanki and Landsbanki in 2002, from which Prime Minister Halldr sgrmsson and his family profited personally.

3) Friends and family of former PM Dav Oddsson have been appointed to the Supreme Court, in particular naming lafur Brkur orvaldsson in 2003, who University of Iceland law professor Sigurur Lndal said was one of the least qualified candidates for the position.

4) The connection between members of the ruling coalition and players in the oil price-fixing scandal, naming Kristinn Bjrnsson, the former CEO of Skeljungur (Shell), who is the husband of parliamentary president and Independence Party member Slveig Ptursdttir, who was also Minister of Justice at the time of the scandals investigation. Bjrnsson is today the vice chairman of rvakur, the company that publishes Morgunblai, a widely distributed newspaper.

5) The "Baugur-case", where an investigation lasting three years and costing millions of krnur yielded 40 charges of economic crimes (only eight of which have made it to the Supreme Court), but is considered by many to be a politically motivated attack from key Independence Party players against corporate giant Baugur Group.

The surveys result is confusing and therefore I have consulted the methodology of TI, to see how youve arrived at your conclusions (described on TIs website):

The TI Corruption Perceptions Index is a composite survey, reflecting the perceptions of business people and country analysts, both resident and non-resident. It draws on 16 different polls from 10 independent institutions. For a country to be included, it must feature in at least 3 polls.

Fair enough. TIs table says that eight polls were used to assess Iceland. After a minimal amount of digging, it seems that in fact there were only four different polls used, for different years. These were the World Competitive Yearbook (conducted by the International Institute for Management Development), Grey Area Dynamics (conducted by the Merchant International Group), the Global Competitiveness Report (conducted by the World Economic Forum) and Risks Ratings (conducted by World Markets Research Centre). And what do these polls do?

The World Competitive Yearbook criterion ranks countries around the world by, in their own words, economic performance, government efficiency, business efficiency and infrastructure.

Grey Area Dynamics (GAD) seeks to help investors analyse the stability of countries, saying on the methodology page of their website that GAD is a unique programme designed to assess risks, weaknesses and threats.

The Global Competitiveness Report describes itself as a valuable tool for shaping economic policy and guiding investment decisions.

Risk Ratings says that it assesses the foreign direct investment (FDI) climate based on six individual ratings in each country: political, economic, legal, tax, operational and security.

In other words, Icelands entire rating was based mostly on how well foreign investors can expect to do in our country. That being the criterion, its easy to see how some of the largest examples of corruption in Iceland managed to slip through the net.

Curiously enough, as you descend TIs list of corrupt countries, youll notice a trend: the more corrupt the countries get, the more likely it is that more polls were used to rate them. Perhaps if Iceland was studied on a criterion based on more than just how much you can expect to cash in should you invest here, Icelands ranking would be slightly different.

This is not to say that there is much more corruption in Iceland than in other countries. But it can hardly be one of the least corrupt countries, and there is certainly room for improvement. And studies which make broad assessments based on narrow evidence certainly dont help.



Sigurjn rarson, MP

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Hafr gefu ig endilega fram til a bjarga slandi fyrst veist nkvmlega hvernig a gera a. mean a sland svona Beturvitringa eins og ig urfum vi engu a kva er a nokku?

na (IP-tala skr) 24.4.2009 kl. 21:06

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g er ekki a gefa mig fram til ess a bjarga slandi. g er aftur mti mti svona krappi eins og f-listi er a boa, ef menn geta ekki tfrt essar tillgur betur eru etta einkins nttar tillgur settar eingngu fram til a reyna afla fylgis. Sama m segja um hina flokkana.

Samt fkk flk borgarafundum tkifri a spyrja frambjendur.

N er rekinn hrslu rur um a flk yfirgefi landi ef allt snarbatnar ekki hi snarasta. hvert flki a flytja? a er kreppa llum heiminum annig a flk hrna fr a ekki betra erlendis. rkin eru flksfkkun freyjum. well a var kreppa freyjum fyrir um 15 rum en a sama skapi ekki heimskreppa annig a flk ar tti auvelt me a flytja.

X-F vill auka innkalla aflaheimildir og svo auka kvtann um 100.000 tonn. ok X-F telur a rtt a ef g fer t b og versli fyrir 1000 kr a eir megi taka vruna af mr egar g kem t r binni. X-F hefur aftur mti ekkert tala um a taka inn ann pening sem eir sem hafa selt sig r greininni hafa fengi.

X-F hefur ekki lausn um hvaa atvinnu a skapar ef 100.000 tonn mttu veiastumfram a sem er veitt dag ar sem j 50 s + tonn fara unninn erlendis. hva a gera vi essi 100.000 tonn?

X-F rvntingu vill virkja allt og sama tma og eir gefa sig t fyrir a vera landsbnaarflokkur segir grtar hm (maur sem alls ekki a vera ingi) a landbnaur hrna eigi a greia hrra raforkuver en alcoa lver. frbrt fyrir slendinga ekki satt?

na a er ekki ng a koma me glymmer ball. ef kellinginn er ljt verur henni ekki rii lver sama hva hn setur sig miki glimmer.

hafr Sklason (IP-tala skr) 24.4.2009 kl. 21:51

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Gott a draga etta fram. - Takk fyrir a.

Helgi Jhann Hauksson, 25.4.2009 kl. 04:13

4 Smmynd: Helgi Jhann Hauksson

.e. gott hj r Sigurjn og akka r Sigurjn.

Helgi Jhann Hauksson, 25.4.2009 kl. 04:14

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